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To survive any disaster, you must do your homework first, not after a disaster! Page Two: Back

Stock up on foods Stock up on all kinds of food that is caned, or in jars, so it will keep much longer. Bags of tried beans and rice are very good for lasting a long time.
Sling shot If you don't own a gun or a bow, you can buy a sling shot and make sure you practice with it to get good at hitting your target. You can kill small game with a sling shot, like rabbits, squirrels, and some small birds.
Learn how to cook outdoors Learn how to cook outside over an open fire, because this may be the only way you have to cook for awhile.
Learn how to hunt Learn how to hunt deer and clean them. Deer may be the only meat animal you'll find. You can hunt them with a bow, a crossbow, deer rifle, or shotgun. Learn how to use them all.
Learn how to fish If you don't know how to fish, learn how now, and not after a disaster hits. Farm ponds are on most farms or in some parks that can provide you fish to fry. If you don't have any bait, use anything you can find crawling on the ground. Buy some hooks, sinkers, and some fishing poles.
Learn how to use a gun Learn how to use a gun. Buy a deer rifle for big game. Buy a 22 rifle for small game. Make sure you practice until you can load and unload and hit your target. Buy plenty of ammo. You might even have to protect yourself.
Crossbow A crossbow is a very handy tool for surviving a disaster. You can kill a deer with a crossbow, and any small game. You can even shoot fish by the banks of a pond.
Compound bow A compound bow is a must to have because of it's quiet, and if your hidden in the woods and you don't want anyone to know where you are, it's perfect for hunting.

Before any disaster hits, you should do your homework now, and find a place for you and your family to run to. A place you can hid out for awhile, or until it's safe to come out and go home. If it's a long term disaster, you might want to stay until you know for sure it's safe to go home.

There are many more things I could mention here, but you know what to do to keep your family safe.


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